Trebbiano {treb-BYAH-noh} is a white wine grape variety which originally comes from Italy. Italy is the country, which produces the most amounts of these grapes. Trebbiano delivers a high acidity wine, which makes it important in the Cognac production. In France Trebbiano is known as Ugni blanc, and the most common use for the grape is for making blends and distilling it into brandies. Its popularity comes for been a high acidity grape, whit low sugar and very resistant to diseases.  Other countries with that are known to have plantations of Trebbiano are: Brazil, Australia, USA, and Greece.

Main Characteristics of the Trebbiano are: Light-body, high acidity, crisp, mineral, lime, rosemary. 



Jasci produces an array of wines. Candid focuses on their indigenous varieties including Montepulciano di Abruzzo, Trebbiano, and Pecorino. (Mahn-teh-pull-chee-ahn-oh dee Ah-brew-zoh, Treh-bee-ahn-oh, and Peck-oh-ree-no).


Sangiovese dominates the plantings, from the young vines that provide most of the wine in Sincero, to the mature, elegant, and unblended Nicole. Cabernet Sauvignon gives Nicolo it’s body and backbone, while small amounts of Cabernet Franc also make it into that blend.

Born in Sri Lanka and educated at Geisenheim in Germany, Sean O’Callaghan might be expected to make an international style of wine on this Tuscan estate, but the reverse is true.


Color of grape White
Species Vitis Vinifera
Trebbiano Synonyms Ugni blanc, St. Émilion, White Hermitage
Origin Italy
Most common in Italy, France
Phonetic pronunciation treb-BYAH-noh