Rieslaner is a white wine grape variety; the color of the grape is green with different tones of yellow. This grape is grown mostly in Germany, although the production has been decreasing through the years. Rieslaner originated from the cross of Riesling and Silvaner, in 1921. The grapes are grown in the Regions of Pfalz and Franken; these regions help the grape achieve a high acidity and strong flavors of berries and currants. Not many people know this kind of grape because it is rarely produced outside Germany.




Brothers Harald and Uwe Ziegler grow 15 different grape varieties on their family estate in the Pfalz.Their reputation has been built on the “noble sweet wines”



Color of grape Yellow with green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Rieslaner Synonyms Mainriesling, Wuerzburg.
Origin Germany
Most common in Germany