Roussane {ROO-sahn} is a white wine grape variety, which originally comes from Rhône Wine, region South of France. Often wines made from Roussanne are blended with Marsanne, depending on the vine age and environment, the mix of these together end in a medium-full white wine, with lemon taste and mineral properties. The name comes from the word roux meaning the color is red with brown tones. France dominates the production of this grape, the warm temperatures and the continuous sunlight gives a better chance for this grape to reach maturity. Other countries of production are: USA, Australia, Greece, South Africa and Switzerland. The aroma of herbal tea gives a better taste of freshness.



Languedoc map

Languedoc region

Christa Vogel and Hans Hürlimann are transplants from Switzerland who arrived in the Midi, when their vacation plans changed”because it was raining in Italy”. For so many winemakers, both French and foriegn, the Languedoc offers tremendous freedom to explore, and Hans and Christa do just that in their approach to wine and marketing.


Color of grape Brown with red and green
Species Vitis Vinifera
Roussanne Synonyms Bergeron, Fromental.
Origin France
Most common in France, USA, Australia, Greece
Phonetic pronunciation ROO-sahn