Sagrantino{SAH grahn tee noh} is a red wine grape, which origins are unclear. This grape is primarily grown in the region

Sagrantino Vineyards in Umbria


of Umbria in Italy. This grape is not that popular around the world but in Italy the wines made from Sagrantino are well known. There are over 250 acres in Italy, with over 25 producers. The grape characterizes for having high-tannins, with flavors of plum, cinnamon and earth. Sagrantino popular blends are: Sangiovese, and Merlot. Other countries know to have few plantations of Sagrantino are: Australia, California and Argentina.



Mario Napolini, alongside his wife and his parents, represents the latest generation in a centuries long tradition. While Mario guides the work in the cellar, Matteo and Clara, his parents, continue to oversee all work in the vineyard. Treatments in the vineyards are limited to copper and sulphur and they do everything in their power to keep those to a minimum.



Color of grape red with purple.
Species Vitis Vinifera
Origin  Unknown
Most common in  Italy
Phonetic pronunciation  SAH grahn tee noh