Silvaner {sill-VAHN-er} is a white wine grape variety, origins are unclear but many people claim that it comes from Central Europe, must likely from Austria. The grape is grown widely in France (Alsace) and Germany (Franken). The wines produced from this grape are dry with mineral components. The body of the wines can range from light-Med-full; with flavors of: melon, peach, smoke and lemon. Silvaner is blended with Riesling or Elbling, and can be made into a dessert wine.  Other countries known for growing this type of grape is: Austria, Australia, Croatia, France, Germany, Romania, Switzerland and USA.



Domaine Martin Schaetzel is located in Ammerschwihr (ahm-er-shh-weer) in the southern part of Alsace, near the city of Colmar.  The vines that produce most of Schaetzel’s grapes grow on the hillsides around Ammerschwihr, and others come from Grand Cru sites in the area.



From bone-dry Rieslings that are regularly cited as being among the very finest white wines in the world to Spätburgunder that rivals top-class Burgundy, Keller makes an astonishing number of world class offerings.  On the way up the ladder, the estate also has more “everyday” wines of varying level of sweetness and age-ability.


Color of grape Green with yellow
Species Vitis Vinifera
Sylvaner Synonyms Sylvaner, Gros-Rhin, Grüner Silvaner, Johannisberger
Origin Austria
Most common in Germany,France
Phonetic pronunciation sill-VAHN-er


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