Syrah at City Winery

Syrah at City Winer

Syrah {See RAH}is a black grape variety that origins from southeastern France grown to produce red wine. It is an easy wine to produce since it can be grown in many different climates, which in turn, produce many distinct flavors. Syrah’s classic flavor contains dark berry, pepper and spice, producing a dense red wine. Apart from this traditional medium bodied wine, other flavors include a fruity and fresh style, which is easy to drink and an intense and very concentrated fruit taste with many different flavors including earth and coffee. Even though this grape is planted throughout the world, it is mostly grown and known in Australia, Washington State and Rhone Valley, France.



The husband and wife team of Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner are the heart, the soul, the brains and the strong backs responsible for the wines of Domaine Turner Pageot.  Karen, an Australian scientist turned winemaker, oversees cellar work.  Emmanuel, a French sommelier turned farmer, tends the vines.

Christa Vogel and Hans Hürlimann are transplants from Switzerland who arrived in the Midi, when their vacation plans changed”because it was raining in Italy”. For so many winemakers, both French and foriegn, the Languedoc offers tremendous freedom to explore, and Hans and Christa do just that in their approach to wine and marketing.

Rhone Valley

Dominique and Genevieve Pons oversee, and do, everything at the winery from farming their grapes to filling  bottles and everything in between.  More than forty years ago they decided that all farming at their estate would be organic and with that they moved into a tiny minority of farmers in the area working without chemicals or pesticides.  Today, they are recognized as pioneers in organic farming.


Color of grape red with purple.
Species Vitis Vinifera
Synonyms Hermitage, Antourenein noir
Origin  France
Most common in  France, Italy, USA
Phonetic pronunciation  See RAH