The heart of the Languedoc

Tempranillo The heart of the Languedoc

Tempranillo{Tem prah NEE yoh} is a black grape variety that originates from Spain, known for its full-bodied wines. This grape matures a number of weeks before most of the other Spanish red grapes, which is why it is called Tempranillo, meaning “early.” This grape has a fairly neutral flavor therefore it is frequently combined with other varieties or aged for a longer period of time in oak, where the wine takes the flavor of the barrel. The ideal growing conditions for Temrpanillo is at high altitudes even though it can also be grown in warmer climates. To get the tasteful and acidic grape, it should be grown at cool, high altitude locations. On the other hand, to get the thick skin and dense color with high levels of sugar, worm climates would work better.



Christa Vogel and Hans Hürlimann are transplants from Switzerland who arrived in the Midi, when their vacation plans changed”because it was raining in Italy”. For so many winemakers, both French and foriegn, the Languedoc offers tremendous freedom to explore, and Hans and Christa do just that in their approach to wine and marketing.


Color of grape red with purple.
Species Vitis Vinifera
Synonyms Tinto Fino, Tinto del Pais
Origin Spain
Most common in Spain, USA
Phonetic pronunciation Tem prah NEE yoh