Vermentino { ver-meh-TEE-noh} is a white wine grape variety, which the origins are unclear, some claim that it comes from Italy others from Spain. Vermentino’s grape produce light wine, with refreshing acidity and flavors of lemon, crisp, and minerals. Vermentino is mostly grown in Italy, but there are a few known plantations in France, Australia and USA.



The stars of the Languedoc, Syrah and Grenache feature prominently in the wines of Domaine Bourdic, but both are blended in surprising ways. “La Sentinelle” is largely Cabernet Sauvignon, while “Zappa” is a blend of Syrah and Grenache supported by old vine Tempranillo, something we had not seen anywhere else.



These wines are the result of a conscious decision to not only ignore, but to refute modern winemaking technology. Grapes are destemmed and left to ferment whole in concrete or stainless steel tanks.



Color of grape White
Species Vitis Vinifera
Vermentino Synonyms Agostenga, Agostenga blanc, Brustiano
Origin Italy
Most common in France, Italy
Phonetic pronunciation ver-meh-TEE-noh