Viognier { VEE-oh-nee-aye} is a white wine grape variety, which origins are unknown some might say that it comes from Croatia others say from France. The wines are usually full-bodied, with natural aromas like pears, peach, minerality and

viognier grape

Viognier grape

violet. This grape was on the boarder of extinction, but thanks to Rhône Rangers non-profit organization dedicated to promoting American Rhone varietal wines of California, now the production has done a comeback. The main reason is for the difficulty in the cultivation, the grapes require a lot of sunshine and heat, but need to be the right amount, because too much heat can make it overblow. France is the mayor producer of this grape, but there are other known countries like: USA, Australia, South Africa, and Chile.

Most common Flavor and Aromas are: Peach, apple, apricot and Nutty.



Alex Davis builds on the foundation WHO his father George laid with each vintage. Prior to taking over, Alex travelled extensively in Burgundy and in the Rhone, including Christophe Roumier and Marcel Guigal, cementing his mantra that less really is more in the winery.


Color of grape White
Species Vitis Vinifera
Viognier Synonyms Galopine, Viogne, Vionnier
Origin France or Croatia
Most common in France
Phonetic pronunciation VEE-oh-nee-aye