Biodynamic Bordeaux, Château La Grolet

Jean Luc Hubert on pesticide use near schools

Château Peybonhomme, a biodynamic producer in Bordeaux

Château Peybonhomme, a biodynamic producer in Bordeaux

“A vigneron practicing biodynamics since 2000 on more than 100 hectaires (247 acres), I’ve had personal contact with the dangers of pesticides in the past.  And I know that we can certainly do without!  One simply must want to go without them and take a different view of life…  I would add that it is a shame that we are obligated to pass laws of this sort to protect our children when reason and good sense are not sufficient”.  Jean-Luc Hubert, Owner, Grower, Winemaker, Father and Grandfather at Château Peybonhomme les tours Cru Bourgeois and Château La Grolet in the Côtes de Bourg and Côtes de Blaye in Bordeaux.

This comment is from Jean-Luc in response to a proposed amendment in France asking for the reduction and / or elimination of pesticide use near schools and homes.  This proposition comes on the heels of an incident in which 23 children were taken to hospital when a local farmer applied pesticides in an ‘inappropriate manner without taking sufficient precaution of the surroundings’, according to a local investigative body.  

People interested in the proposed amendment can find details here. (In French)

For a long time, I heard as an importer that for myriad reasons organic and biodynamic farming in Bordeaux was next to impossible. I’m not a farmer, so I truly can’t comment on that as a statement of fact.  As an importer though, I love to find and sell the wines of people like the Huberts who “have a different view of life”.

Jean Luc Hubert of Château Peybonhomme Les Tour stridently opposes pesticide use

Among the vines at Château Peybonhomme les tour.


The original comment in French, from Vignobles Hubert’s Facebook page:

“Vigneron en culture biodynamique depuis 2000 sur plus de 100 hectares, j’ai connu dans le passé les nuisances des pesticides. Et je sais que nous pouvons très bien nous en passer !… il suffit tout simplement de le vouloir en ayant une autre vision de la vie… j’ajoute qu’il est même grave que l’on soit obligé de passer par une loi , qui plus est, pour protéger nos enfants, mais la raison et le bon sens ne suffisant pas….”  Jean-Luc Hubert, Château Peybonhomme les tours Cru Bourgeois and Château La Grolet in the Côtes de Bourg and Côtes de Blaye in Bordeaux.


An amendment to reduce pesticide use near schools in Bordeaux

What once may have seemed hyperbolic…