Biodynamic Bordeaux Blanc Peybonhomme

Peybonhomme Les Tours Blanc


Peybonhomme Blanc bottles

Peybonhomme Les Tours Blanc on Palate Press

The 2013 Peybonhomme Blanc was singled out by Simon Woolf on Palate Press as  a wine not to miss from the estate and “stupidly cheap”.  We’ve long agreed and been proud to offer the wine in Chicago.  It’s a wine we run out of frequently as there is never very much made and we rarely are able to purchase more than 600 bottles.

You can find it for sale at Joe’s Wine Cellar and The Goddess River North or try it by the glass or bottle  at City Winery, Blackbird and Sepia.

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Vines and leaves in front of Chateau Peybonhomme

Simon Woolf on Palate Press: 

Chateau Peybonhomme Les Tours – Le Blanc Bonhomme 2013

This biodynamic estate in the Cotes-du-Blaye makes very nice clarets – but I think their white is even better. 50/50 Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon, it’s a perfect blend between Sauvignon’s citrus zing, and Sémillon’s more fleshy texture. Stupidly cheap, given the region and the care and attention that goes into the farming. Worth maturing for a year or two as it’s still very young.

Available from Chambers Street Wines, NYC, $16.99

Biodynamic Bordeaux Blanc Peybonhomme

Simon mentions Chambers Street in NYC.  It was thanks to David Lillie that we first became aware of Jean-Luc and Catherine Hubert’s wines.  In chatting at a Renaissance des Terroir tasting in NY years ago, David went out of his way to suggest that they might be a good fit for Candid as Château La Grolet was one of their best selling Bordeaux.  We love to make connections in the industry and always greatly appreciate when someone else does the same.