Guy Chaumont

Guy chaumont at the vineyard

who? what? when? where? why? how?

who grows the grapes at Guy Chaumont? who makes the wines?

Guy Chaumont leads a tiny but highly efficient operation at the winery and in the vineyards that he and his wife own and farm. In touring the vines and cellars, one is left with the impression of a man who derives deep satisfaction from a job well done, year in and year out. He is proud to farm without chemicals. He is proud to put his name on well made, affordable bottles of Burgundy. He does not seem to be a man who would accept anything less.

Guy Chaumont

Guy Chaumont

what wines do they make at Guy Chaumont?

From Givry in the Côte Chalonaise, Guy produces Pinot, Chardonnay and his wildly succesful Cremant de Bourgogne.  They are shockingly affordable – organically farmed Burgundy for $20 to $25 a bottle at retail is rare indeed – but they speak to who Guy is and where the family lives.  The wines are clean, pretty and burst out of the glass with all of the red and white fruits fine examples of these grapes can evoke.

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when did Guy Chaumont start?

The Chaumont Family has farmed and grown grapes in the Côte Chalonaise since 1640. Guy’s grandfather laid the foundations for the current estate in the 1920’s when he purchased some of the vines they still farm with the profits from a small café he managed in town. In 1965, after studying the effects of pesticides introduced after WWII, Guy’s father took the then unusual step to convert the estate to organic farming. Guy took over in 1976 and continues to manage the estate to this day.

where is the Guy Chaumont winery?

Givry is a small town on the southern end of Burgundy. Farmers in the area still grow multiple crops and raise animals. Despite the fine climate and limestone and granite soils, the area does not command the inflated prices seen farther to the north. Producers who can live on their wine sales alone, like the Chaumont’s do, are a rare breed.


why is Guy Chaumont a Candid Wine?

Guy Chaumont is a rare bird in Burgundy: a blue collar, dirt under his fingernails, up before the sun sort of farming entrepreneur.  When demand for his Crémant exploded, he found a used, refrigerated shipping container in which to store additional bottles during the long, slow development of the wines.  It might not sound like much, but he is certainly in his tiny rural town to have found such a creative solution. Guy is also one of the only certified organic producers in Givry; the challenge of how to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay without pesticides or chemicals is one he and bis family solved long ago.
Guy Chaumont

Guy Chaumont at table

how is wine made at Guy Chaumont?

If Guy Chaumont lived in a city, he’d be a successful handy-man or car mechanic, skilled as he is at using his hands and his head to fix things and solve problems. As an entrepreneurial organic farmer, he makes wines quite literally by hand, doing just about everything from work in the vines to disgorging his Crémant. His cellars occupy the basements of his and his family’s home in their small village and are bursting with the barrels, tanks and machinery needed to produce wine.

Machine for wines