La Pietra di Tommasone


who? what? when? where? why? how?

who grows the grapes at La Pietra di Tommasone? who makes the wines?

Lucia Monti is revitalizing La Pietra, the winery that has been in the family for five generations, but not always actively producing wine.  Her great grandfather Pietro Monti planted grapes for the family’s use more than one hundred years and later passed it to his son, Tomasso Monti (known locally as “Tommasone”.   In the sixties  Tomasso started selling the wines at local markets and continued for two decades. 
foto Antonio Monti - Ditta vinicola Tommasone

what wines do they make at La Pietra di Tommasone?

2010 Biancolella

A variety grown almost exclusively on Ischia Island and in the Sorrento Gulf. Biancolella refreshing and bright. The nose goes from rosemary and mint to apricot and peach. The wine is dry with lemon, cedar, white fruits and a hazelnut finish.

2010 Pithecusa Bianco

Grapefruit, pears, mineral, spice, toasted hazelnuts, apples and notes of honey make this a suprisingly complex wine. Fiano, by nature a more opulent grape, is added to Biancolella here.

2008 Pithecusa Rosso 

Aglianico, Montepulciano di Abruzzo and Piedirosso a typical variety from Ischia with a red garnet color and strong tannins are blended for the Rosso. The three varieties are blended together and age for one year in casks, and the wine has integrated tannins that balance the structure marked by intense, dark red fruits.

Pithecusa Rosso

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when did La Pietra di Tommasone start?

Long a fixture on Ischia the winery fell into disuse in the mid 1980’s, after the death of Tommaso Monti. In the 1990’s Tommaso’s son Antonio returned from Germany where he had been running a restaurant to revitalize the estate. Many changes were made to renovate the production facility and his daughter Lucia has since joined him after school and apprenticeships in the Nahe in Germany

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where is La Pietra di Tommasone?

The island of Ischia is situated in the Bay of Naples, north of Capri and along the same volcanic chain that eruptedoverPompeii. Thewineryitselfsitsatsome 600 feet above the ocean on a layer of “green tufa” a mix of clay and limestone loaded with Potassium and Phosphorous that is the by-product of volcanic eruptions. Thesitebenefitsfromdryingbreezesoff the ocean, which reduces disease pressure. For reference, Ischia is considered to be part of Campania.


why is La Pietra di Tommasone a Candid Wine?

As far as we know, these are the only wines from Ischia in the Chicago market. As the family has reinvented itself and rebuilt it’s winery, the wines have become a better and better example of what can be done on this historic island with grapes that pre-date the Romans. Surprisingly, the

island does not have many independent, small producers. There are many coops and they absorb most of the grapes. Partoftheproblemmaybethatthisisavacationspot,solandprices,likeinBandol,France,arequite high. However the pieces have come together, we are thrilled to have a small family to work with in this incredible part of Italy.

La Pietra di Tommasone

how is the wine made at La Pietra di Tommasone?

As the home of unique varietals including the white Biancollela and the red Piedrosso, the family feels strongly that they need to proceed lightly in the winery, encouraging these unique grapes without toomuchintervention. Muchofthefermentations and aging happens in neutral oak and extensive experiments with native yeasts are ongoing. Lucia Monti trained in Germany and prizes a sense of

clarity in the wines, as one can see in great Rieslings.

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