Tenuta Santomè

Candid Visit to Santome 2014 -1

who? what? when? where? why? how?

who grows the grapes at Tenuta Santomè? who makes the wines?

Brothers Alan and William are writing the latest chapter in the Spinazze family’s long history in the Prosecco region.  Where their grandfather grew grapes for decades, and their father created one of Italy’s largest vineyard service companies, this generation has built a modern winemaking facility to produce and bottle wines from the grapes the family has traditionally grown.  Alan oversees all aspects of Tenuta Santomè’s viticulture and production while William handles sales and marketing, the world over.

They work closely with their father, Moro, on all aspects of the business, including the proper feeding of the chickens, that live under the cherry trees which combine to provide their bed and breakfast kitchen with eggs. 

Alan and William at Tenuta Santome

what wines do they make at Tenuta Santomè?

The world’s only solar powered Prosecco.  Made exclusively from the traditional Glera grape, and only from grapes that the family grows themselves,  Santome’s Proseccos are unmatched in their freshness, clarity, and value.   Bottlings include the remarkable Extra Dry, a Brut that is fermented a few days longer for more of a yeasty, drier flavors, and the single vineyard Prosecco Valdobiaddene Connegeliano, DOCG.

The family’s diverse soil types as well as natural curiosity has lead them to bottle still wines as well, including Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon, alongside the indigenous Raboso, a full bodied, layered, age-worthy red which might be described as combining the natural acidity of well made Cabernet Franc with some of the weight of Syrah.

Tenuta Santomè wines

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when did Tenuta Santomè start?

On a wall at the winery the family proudly displays a picture of the vineyard work in the 1920’s which shows manual laborers, who were effectively indentured servants, under the eye of a supervisor who in turn defers to the man who is clearly the big boss.  The Spinazze brothers’ father Moro proudly explains how the family has broken the cycle thanks to the hard work and smarts of multiple generations.

Brothers William and Allain founded the winery, Tenuta  Santome in 2000, making wine for the first time on a commercial scale from the grapes that the family has grown for decades.   Candid Wines began working with Tenuta Santome, thanks to our partners at VinUS, in 2009 and the Santome Extra Dry Prosecco is our best selling wine.  By a factor of 2.


where is Tenuta Santomè?

Treviso is located near the coast in the north-eastern part of the boot.  In an area where 95% of the competition buys grapes, the Spinazze family grows everything themselves on vineyards around the winery in Treviso, on a select plot on an island in the Piave River, and on the hillside vineyard of  Valdobiaddene Connegeliano. 

why is Tenuta Santomè a Candid Wine?

Dogged persistence.  On the part of Moro who built the foundation for the winery with his vineyard services company over decades.  On the part of William and Alan who are reinventing the way Prosecco is made with their solar panels and long term storage of their base wine before secondary fermentation, developed over a decade.  And on the part of their importers at VinUS who insisted that our initial lack of interest was misguided.  All of their efforts are justified.

As a result, we are proud to represent the only family owned winery in the Veneto that is entirely Solar Powered, and a winery that seeks to reduce sulphur in their wines with every vintage, who has an organic test parcel m place to further improve quality.  Whatsmore, we have entrepreneurial partners from who we learn at every turn and whose wines we dig. Hard.

Candid Visit to Santome 2014 -1-3

how is the wine made at Tenuta Santomè?

Grapes for Santome’s Proseccos and the Santhomas are fermented using native yeasts when they arrive at harvest.  Critically, the Glera grapes used in the Proseccos are never blended or, as we like to think of it, stretched, with non-indigenous varieties.  The first wines are held in tank, sealed away from oxygen and kept cold, until bubbles are added via the Charmat Method,  and the sparkling wine is bottled and shipped.

“Kept cold?!”, you ask, disapprovingly.  “What a terrible waste of electricity, keeping an entire harvest chilled until it is sold”, you grumble. Correctly. Almost.  Despite a requiring a major load of electricity each year, Santome is a net contributor to the electric grid thanks to the 888 solar panels affixed to their roofs.   They save money, save electricity, and produce what we believe to be the freshest bubbles in town.

Inside the Sherrer Winery