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Supernatural Wine Co vineyards pictured by dnfine wine

who? what? when? where? why? how?

who grows the grapes at Supernatural Co? who makes the wines?

Gabrielle Simmers once told us that she “really doesn’t like most Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand”.  Odd, that statement, given that she has dedicated her entire production to Sauvignon Blanc in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.  Her reasons are myriad for not liking much of what she has tasted.  She explains that 90% of Sauv Blanc in New Zealand is planted on the river gravel soils on flat land, which held no interest to her. 
Gabrielle Simmers, &co
Whats-more, most is farmed in a way that might generously be called “conventional”, but realistically reflects an effort to grow as many grapes as possible without regard for the environment. Gabrielle set out to do everything from the farming to the wine-making in a style that mimics the best of the Loire Valley and, interestingly, of Alsace where the best treat “aromatic whites” differently than in other wine making regions of the world. The result is a unique wine from a unique place, grown organically and made with the intention to be different.

what wines do they make at Supernatural Co?

Gabrielle makes only one wine, The Supernatural Sauvignon Blanc.  Current vintage is 2013.

If and when she finds a vineyard on a hillside that might produce Pinot Noir, she would consider making a red, but she is not willing to cut corners to make that happen.  In the meantime, Gabrielle has been scouring New Zealand for like-minded growers and wine makers and we eagerly await the importing portfolio she is building.  Stay tuned…

The Supernatural still life

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when did Supernatural Co start? when might you open a bottle?

Gabrielle and her partner purchased the land in 2001 and set abut ripping up the existing vines right away.  In 2004, they finished replanting and then started waiting for their plants to grow and age to the point where they could be harvest.  8 years after buying the land, 2009 was Gabrielle’s first vintage and the wine literally exploded onto the international scene with features in Vogue and The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and critical acclaim.

Pairing The Supernatural is easy if you are familiar with the better versions of Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, and maybe even lees-aged Muscadet.  It is a wine with weight and a lush mouthfeel, but also a crisp, bright edge that can cut through fat in sashimi, roast chicken, and most any white fish in a rich sauce.  Softer goat cheeses work particularly well, too.

where is Supernatural Co?

&Co is located on a calcareous (chalky) hill side that faces east, looking over the pacific ocean in Hawke’s Bay, on New Zealand’s North Island.  This location is critical for Gabrielle who feels that the slopes and the soil contribute to a natural acidity and minerality in the wines that eliminate overripe flavors, even while the wine can have some tropical fruit flavors like guava.  
Hawke's Bay

why is Supernatural Co a Candid Wine? why might you want to taste?

The 2005 harvest at Heymann-Loewenstein in Germany was a turning point for Gabrielle.  Before that her training and exposure had been “mostly New World in style”, but the her hosts at this very much “old-world” organic vineyard showed her that “you don’t have to add things in the winery, just crush the grapes and away you go.”
The Supernatural
That moment goes a long way to explains why her wine appeals to us here at Candid. In addition to Gabrielle’s skill as a winemaker, farm manager, marketer, and importer (multi-talented, she is), we owe a word of thanks to our friends at Red and White Wines in Chicago who met Gabrielle and suggest that The Supernatural struck them as a Candid wine.

You might want to taste if you are a fan of the smaller, family owned estates in Sancerre and Pouilly-Fune in the Loire, and want to see what is happening at the cutting edge of New Zealand wine-making. You might also be intrigued by the Crown-Cap enclosure, as so many of our customers are. This is a reason to taste, and we suspect the wine itself will seduce you once you do.

how is the wine made at Supernatural Co?

Grown organically and processed minimally, The Supernatural teases layers of flavors, supported by healthy acidity from the chalky soils of a small parcel on a hillside in Hawkes Bay.  Mouthfeel is critical to Gabrielle, who wants her wines to feel luxurious.  She achieves this by allowing extended contact with the lees during wine-making and rounding out her wines, naturally.  All fermentations take place in stainless steel tanks and are spurred by native yeasts.  There is one tiny part of the vineyard that included Pinot Gris, which can be included in the wine, but never more than 5% makes it into the blend.
The Supernatural Vineyard