Minimus and Omero Wines

Chad Stock, Minimus Wines

Chad Stock, Minimus Wines.  Photo Credit: Winery Source


who? what? when? where? why? how?

who grows the grapes at Minimus and Omero? who makes the wines?

 Minimus is both the distillation of Chad Stock’s winemaking experience at sites across the Pacific Northwest as well a testing ground for new ideas that he may or may not employ down the road.  Chad is a strident believer in organic farming and sources a diverse array of fruit from friends and colleagues in Oregon and Washington in creating Minimus offerings.   Recent offerings include Touriga Nacional from the Applegate Valley, Pinot Noir from the Johan Vineyard,  Gewürztraminer from the Columbia Gorge and Albariño from the Rogue Valley.  Stay tuned, because Chad’s offering seems to be more and more interesting with every new harvest.   For a bit more, check out this piece on the Terroirist.

Omero takes much of what Chad learns in his explorations with Minimus and transforms those ideas into cuvées that are a little large in scale.  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris are the current offerings with Gamay and more coming down the line.

Chad Stock, Minimus Wines

Photo Credit: Winery Source



what wines do they make at Minimus?

Minimus wines are either part of the Numbered Series or the Dictionary Series.  The first is experimental and the wines are never repeated.  #13 is a Gewürztraminer aged on skins for 153 days.  Chad did not set out to reach 153 days, he set out to learn about what happens when this variety is left on skins, to see how the texture and flavors of the wine would develop.  #12 was a trial with Chestnut barrels to learn about how that particular wood affects a white wine.  There, Chad chose Pinot Blanc as a relatively neutral vector.

Chad Stock's Minimus Project
The Dictionary Series is an attempt to produce pure versions of a single grape where the variety shines. We currently offer a Pinot Noir from the Johan Vineyard and the Albariño mentioned above. Each might incorporate lessons learned from the Numbered series, but the goal is a pure expression of that variety and the site it comes from as opposed to experimentation.

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when did Minimus start? when might you open a bottle? 

Chad began his project in 2011 with four experiments and grew to seven in 2012 and then 13 in 2013.

The diversity of the wines produced, the vineyards he sources from, and the winemaking techniques he employees make it virtually impossible to suggest generalized pairings for a Minimus bottling, though they are certainly deserving of a place at the finest tables.

Situationally, the Minimus wines are a near perfect option for those moments shares with wine lovers who are fascinated by the hows and whys of winemaking. Born from Chad’s curiosity, they scratch an itch to understand the process.  Not surprisingly, Chad was a wonderful subject to interview for Ask a Winemaker so perhaps the best pairing is to open a bottle and press play on the box to the right.

where is Minimus?

Chad operates out of McMinnville, Oregon but he is sourcing fruit from a wide variety of locations across the state and occasionally into Washington.  If current trends continue with more and more varietals being planted and grown successfully in the Pacific Northwest, we expect the wines to come from further and further afield.
Minimus Wines at Candid Wines in Illinois

why is Minimus a Candid Wine? why might you try a bottle?

The philosophy as stated by Chad tells us most all of what we need to know:

min•i•mus |minimus|

Our core philosophy: to produce the most pure and natural product, one must use minimal interference.

[CONCEPT] We are conducting a series of experiments designed to challenge the formal education of Enology. The results will be numbered when released & only produced once. The direction of the project is constantly evolving as new discoveries and inspiring ideas come to our attention. We are uncertain of how or when  the experiments may end. The one thing we are certain of thus far in our career is that nothing is absolute.

We suggest that you might like to try a bottle because in addition to the fact that the wines are intellectually stimulating, Chad is a talented winemaker with a fine palette and his wines are consistently a pleasure to drink.

how is the wine made at Minimus?

Naturally, patiently, and with a seemingly endless supply of enological curiosity. Beyond that, nailing down style or technique is nearly impossible. Chad reserves the right to experiment with just about any sort of technique and so we may see oak roto-fermenters, brettanomyaces laced whites, intentional reduction, long skin contact, carbonic maceration and just about anything else one can imagine. Whatever the technique it will be carefully considered and debated before being implemented and then taken to its logical conclusion.

Chad Stock & Minimus Wines from roboshow on Vimeo.