Cosimo Maria Masini, Annick, Sincero, Italy, Biodynamic

Cosimo Maria Masini, Sincero

The youngest vineyards of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon at Tenuta di Poggio are delivering healthy grapes but Cosimo feels that they are just too young to be used for Nicole or Nicolo’ wines. Sincero then was created as a blend of these grapes (Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc Cabernet Sauvignon) in order to deliver an easy to drink wine but still loyal to the terroir, candid and true so an Happy Tuscan Wine. Of course biodynamic agriculture and fermentation without controlled temperature on native yeast are still followed. The result is a silky wine with sapid cherry notes and spicy herbs overtones, easy to pair with a lot of dishes or to enjoy on its own with friends.

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Biodynamic farming at Cosimo Maria Masini in Tuscany

Francesco preparing the 500.



who grows the grapes at Cosimo Maria Masini?

Francesco de Filippis and the Masini family have transformed their small corner of Tuscany into a veritable paradise.  Grapes grow alongside wheat, vegetables, ducks, chickens, olives and quite a bit more. Theirs is an example of integrated farming at it’s height: every action is considered within the ecosystem they are working to reinvigorate, support and more deeply understand with each passing year.Francesco is a humble and curious grower for whom the connections between people are as important as anything he might produce.  Over the past few years, this spirit seems to have been transmitted into the wines.  They are clean, direct and unassuming, and they are an absolute pleasure to invite to a meal.

The team at the Masini estate always includes a few WWOOFERs as the family wants as many people, young and old, as possible to learn about what organic farming really entails.  In addition to their international volunteers, a gentleman named Fedardo has been tending the vineyards, the olive trees, and the gardens for the last nine decades,.   Pictured below with Francesco he was born on the estate.  After nearly a century of vintages he still comes to work on a scooter and spends all day outside.  During our last visit, he was finishing up the last of the pruning in the olive trees. Himself.  At 90+ years old. This little biodynamic estate might just have a fountain of youth somewhere on the premises.

why is Cosimo Maria Masini a candid wine?

Unexpected as it was, we “met” the winery at a networking event in Chicago. It turns out that this tiny Tuscan winery had hired a German woman as their sales manager whose uncle lives north of the city. Now, if we had a nickel for every person who ever said “you should import a wine I tasted in Tuscany” we’d have enough nickels to fly to the Truffle festival in San Miniato. This one is different though. We have never visited a more integrated farm in our travels to vineyards across the world. There is a palpable vitality at the estate that shows in the wines. Native yeast and predominantly concrete fermenting tanks transfer the purity of the juice into each bottle, and we think their wines are an example of the best of what can be grown in Northern Tuscany.

The cosimo family



Biodynamic farming at Cosimo Maria Masini in San Miniato, Tuscany