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Day Wines, Mamacita Malvasia

Pairs well with sunny Sunday backyard brunches & August afternoons in kiddie pools. To be shared with Mamacitas & Papacitas, especially delicious when complemented with laughs.

<Wine Maker’s Note>
I made this wine originally in 2014 as an experiment and was happy to find that it turned out well and people liked it! With that in mind, I took a second shot at making this fun floral sparkler. The fruit was picked early, the first week of September. It was pressed and settled after allowing browning through oxygen, then racked into stainless steel and a once filled Hogshead sized French oak barrel. Fermentation took place spontaneously and the wine was racked into a stainless steel tank when it was still fermenting. The wine was bottled with approximately 15 grams of sugar per liter under crown cap. It is unsulfured, unfined, unfiltered, and was not disgorged. It was bottled November 21st 2015.

Product Description


:Brianne Day of Day Wines at Oregon

Day Wines, day, Oregon

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who grows the grapes at Day Winery?

“I discovered I had a passion for wine at a young age and in 2006 I began working in the industry with a two year global exploration to dozens and dozens of wine regions. During this journey I learned two things; I needed to make wine and naturally produced wines are an integral tie that binds humans to each other and to the earth. After studying and working under the finest mentors in Oregon, France, New Zealand and Argentina, I decided in 2012 to make wine for myself. I do not own a vineyard or any vines. Instead, I have chosen to work with experienced, dedicated farmers who strive to grow their fruit using clean and honest practices.”

-Brianne Day, from the RAW Fair London site.


why is Day Wines a candid wine?

We were introduced to Brianne over the course of many newsletters from our friend Michael Alberty at the Storyteller Wine Company, where Brianne tells us she worked “whenever I wasn’t chasing harvest”.  Michael holds Brianne in high esteem as a person and an emerging winemaker, calling her first release “Outrageously good pinot for a modest tariff.”  (Interestingly, it came just after an offer forKeller’s Burgel Spätburgunder.  Fine company indeed).

With Michael’s introduction we came to know Brianne and her approach to sourcing fruit and making wines.  Long story short, she’s taken many of the steps we’d want to take if we knew the first thing about winemaking, i.e. find the best fruit possible and then resist every temptation to manipulate it.  The results we’ve tasted speak for themselves.



On the importance of knowing your farmer: Brianne Day

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