Sincero: Happy. Tuscan. Wine.

Sincero: Happy. Tuscan. Wine.

Sincero: Happy. Tuscan. Wine.

Sincero from Cosimo Maria Masini


People who grow and make fine wine are often faced with the reality that not every grape will meet their most exacting standards and that even too much of any one parcel will overpower a blend that wants to go in a different direction.

At Cosimo Maria Masini the team found itself offering a small quantity of juice from some of their younger vine Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon plots to local restaurants two years in a row. When they told us that they was “bulking out” some of his wine, we of course wanted first to taste, and the to buy everything that they would sell us. Sincero was born.

Sincero is the Italian word for Candid, and this wine is one we are proud to have our name on. It’s made by Francesco de Filippis from immaculately farmed biodynamic grapes in San Miniato, Tuscany.

Biodynamic farming in Tuscany

Francesco (left) and Fedardo

All of the fruit is grown at Francesco’s certified biodynamic estate, hand-picked and fermented by native yeasts. The day we first tasted a bottle, we ended up talking and laughing and had finished the bottle before we had finished our careful study of the sample. It made us happy, it sparked conversation which took on a life and a direction of its own, and we loved the diversion.

A lot of thought went into the wine, but it’s not a wine that demands much thought. Sometimes, that’s a happy thing.

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