Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner

Turner-Pageot Farm dinner at Lula Cafe

Join Emmanuel Pageot at Lula Cafe for an intimate Farm Dinner

Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner

Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner

From Lula Cafe:

Every Monday, Lula Cafe does our three course “Farm Dinner” tasting menu with wine pairings. On the 26th, we will be featuring the wines of Domaine Turner-Pageot for the pairings with dishes inspired by the wines & their stories. The husband and wife team of Emmanuel Pageot and Karen Turner are the heart, the soul, the brains, and the strong backs responsible for the wines of Domaine Turner-Pageot. Karen, an Australian scientist turned winemaker, oversees cellar work. Emmanuel, a French sommelier turned farmer, tends the vines. They met while working at Domaine Hugel in Alsace and found a shared passion for discovering and building flavors in wine. Turner-Pageot is the manifestation of their dream of owning vines and a winery in a part of the world that allows them the freedom to experiment, grow, and learn from each vintage and each block of soil.

Turner Pageot at Lula

Photo Credit: Lula Cafe

From just 10 acres, Karen and Emmanuel produce seven or eight wines each year. Across the board, the wines share a sense of balance and a layered and luxurious mouthfeel that is slow to reveal all of its component pieces. “Equilibrium” is a word both Karen and Emmanuel use regularly to describe both their vines and their wines.
Wines from Turner Pageot
Our three course Farm Dinner with Turner-Pageot wine pairings will be available all evening. Emmanuel Pageot himself will be in the building for a meet and greet from 6:30-7:15pm. For those wanting a more intimate experience with Emmanuel, he will be sitting down to dine with 10 guests at 7:30pm. Those joining him for dinner will enjoy a four course tasting menu with reserve selections. Please contact our Beverage Director & Sommelier, Diana Hawkins at Diana@lulacafe.com for more information and details.