Turner Pageot family

Turner Pageot Wine Dinner at Trenchermen

Winemaker Emmanuel Pageot and Chef Patrick Sheerin of Trenchermen team up to bring you six courses of delicious on October 29th at 7:00 PM. Reserve your space here.

Emmanuel Pageot and Tona Palomino at Trenchermen Staff Training

Emmanuel Pageot and Tona Palomino at Trenchermen Staff Training

48 Hours (rosé)
• Torta espagnole, sun dried tomato
• Ortiz anchovy, celery root
• Beef tartare, fermented black bean


1. La Rupture
— house smoked salmon, oyster sabayon, sunchokes

2. Le Blanc
— wheatberries, fermented black beans, truffle and seasonal mushrooms

3. Les Choix
— fried chicken, grapefruit, pink peppercorn and rue

4. Le Rouge
— lamb shoulder, olive financier, white beans, black pepper jam

5. Carmina Major
— aged duck, mole confit, masa, hakuri turnips

6. 48 Hours
— mascarpone cheese cake, dried strawberries, hibiscus cherry jam


“Les Choix” is an orange wine, made of Marsanne that Karen and Emmanuel have fermented on skins and stalks, meaning that it is a white wine with tannin. It should be to die for with the fried-chicken. Here is a video with winemaker Emmanuel Pageot explaining Orange wine and how it’s made:


We are thrilled to connect Chef Pat Sheerin and the team at Trenchermen with this full lineup from Turner Pageot. The wines have long been a part of Tona’s beverage program, but this is the first full length dinner.

Seating is limited and you are encouraged to reserve a space.

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