Uncommon Ground leads the way (yet again)

Researchers at U of I Urbana found that Chicago is replete with gardens that are off the radar, but not out of sight – if you are able to look down from a bird’s eye view that is.  This comes as no surprise for those of us who have seen the public embrace Uncommon Ground and the amazing garden they’ve installed on their roof.

Zoran Orlic of Zero Studio Photography/Uncommon Ground

We had a private tour with Charlie and Martha Barra when they came to Chicago in 2010, and many folks shared a glass of wine and a tomato from the roof with the Barra’s at a small event Helen and Mike Cameron sponsored.  The Girasole and Barra wines are a mainstay at both Uncommon spots to this day.  Stop in for a glass and toast the greenest restaurant in the city, the country, and now, the world!



From NPR:

Cities have plenty of reasons to care about how much food is being produced within their limits — especially now that community and guerrilla gardeners are taking over vacant urban lots across the country. But most cities can only guess at where exactly crops are growing.

And in Chicago, researchers have found that looks — from ground level, anyway — can be very deceiving when it comes to food production.

via How Google Earth Revealed Chicago’s Hidden Farms : The Salt : NPR.

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