Video: Charlie Barra on buying a vineyard when Martha Barra wanted a new house.

Charlie and Martha Barra are pioneers in the history of Northern California wine having played a role in everything from innovations to frost management systems to practice of organic farming to ensuring that no GMO’s are allowed into Mendocino County. But at the end of the day they are also husband and wife and as might be expected they have had their moments of small disagreements.

This video from Ask a Winemaker, where Charlie recounts how Martha pursued what is now one of their prized vineyard sites at Barra of Mendocino in hopes they would build a house in the middle of the new property finishes with a funny final line where Charlie reveals he got the upper hand. This time anyway.

Organic grape growers The Barras in Mendocino, CA

Charlie and Martha Barra in one of their organic vineyards.

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