The Huff Family in the Hipping Vineyard

Weingut Huff: Where is the winery?

Looking out onto the Rhine River from the Hipping Vineyard.

To help situate the Weingut Huff’s vineyards within the Rheinhessen, take a look at this very good map from The Wine Doctor’s site and his overview of the region. You can see the Hipping vineyard, from whence comes the Spätlese Trocken that we so love.

As the the map is not topographical, it can not show just how dramatic the slope down to the Rhine is in this area. The image below, on the right, was taken at the top of Hipping and looks almost directly at the point of the Hipping arrow on the map.

Map of the Rheinhessen Vineyards, ©

If you were to turn 180 degrees from where the photographer is facing, you would be looking at a plateau with a far more gentle slope and the older Kerner vines from which Huff makes their Kerner Halbtrocken. Historically the Red Slope is reserved for the Rieslings, though there are a few other varieties planted down close the the water.

Finally, the picture of the family in the Hipping vineyard is about one third of the way up the hill from the water and shows the very top of the slope.