(WF) Updating/NPAF

Updating Whole Food Info

: Hi New Employee! This guide is created to inform you how to update and create new item in VIP system
This sheet will show you how can we add/adjust information below.
-New Vintage/Price -Discontinue Item
-New Producer/Wine -Add Promotion 


  1. VIP System and Candid Wine
    Before show you how to make changes, let me introduce how does it works.WF-1
    Whole Food has their own information gathering system called VIP
    When we submit new/updated item info, the WF data processing team will get it via VIP system
    We add NEW wines, we use “NPAF” files, and when we update EXIST wine, we use “Cost File”
    Let’s say we start importing new producer, and we decided to sell those new wines to WF. Now we need to fill NPAF.
    But if we get new vintage of Scherrer Dry Rose (which is we have been selling so far), so we have to update its Vin # and price only, we’ll use Cost file.
  2.  How to update in VIP 
    – Let’s say we get new vintage for Day WIne, Crowley station PN. So needs to update VIN # and price
    – go to linked VIP website. http://vip.wholefoods.com/vip/vobUI/viceHome.do
    – go to ribbon menu “Cost File” select “Retrieve Existing”
    Select Cost Zone and click next. Download and open highlighted file
    With this Excel File, We can change VIn #, UPC, Price, Suggested Retail Price.WF-4

    Adjust Vin#, Price, anything you need to, set the EFF date (Effective date) a month ahead, to give WF team a time to get it
    Save the file
    Go back to Vip website, Ribbon Menu “Cost File” and “Submit New” and upload New Files.


    We adjusted Day Crowley station PN. Can you see item with “New” tag and previous item?
    Discountinue previous and click “Apply Change” Button.
    Tara! We finished all the step! Wait for a while so that system apply the change, then double check you updated it correctly.

  3.  How to add totally New Item 
    – Go to linked sheet.
    And Fill this sheet, there’s another tabs named “Candid NPAF Sample” which you can use as a sample
    Send it to Damien