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Where does Pioneer Cabernet Sauvignon come from?

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Pioneer Cabernet Sauvignon is grown and bottled at Barra of Mendocino in Ukiah, California.  Ukiah is roughly two and a half hours north of San Francisco at the start of Redwood country in Northern California.  The winery lies in the heart of Redwood Valley and includes two hundred acres of vineyards that have been farmed organically for decades.  The summer days are warm but the nights are cool, allowing for optimal development of flavor in the grapes that grow there.  The unique quality of the grapes in this area lead Robert Mondavi, among others, to seek out the Barra’s in the 1970’s and beyond when he needed California Cabernet to augment his successful and growing brands.

Mendocino County


The long cool nights often lead to later harvests in Mendocino than elsewhere in California, but once they start picking, the work moves at a brisk pace. Here is a look at the Barra’s operation during harvest:


Pioneer Cabernet was born when the team from Standard Market recognized that the Barra’s were able to provide organic, estate grown Cabernet for this collaboration.  It available exclusively through Standard Market, Bakersfield Restaurant, and The Standard Grill.

Pioneer at The Cube, Standard Market's Wine Bar

Pioneer: Direct from Mendocino to The Cube at Standard Market





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