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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Lagar de Besada is a tiny producer of extraordinary Albariño in Salnés, Spain, on the Atlantic Coast. With each of the three levels of still wines that they produce, they demonstrate how longer lees aging can transform Albariño from a crushable, easy-drinking white for light seafood into more and more complex, powerful, and delicious wines worthy of extended aging.

A womand and a man in a wine cellar in Rias Baixas Spain
Maria Sinieros and David Balesteros of Lagar de Besada

But don't take our word for it. The Decanter tasting panel has long appreciated Albariño, but rarely if ever cited two wines from the same producer with equally glowing remarks.

"What this tasting resoundingly proved is that in the right place, and carefully handled, Albariño ages beautifully...notably the Añada de Baladiña, with its 10 years in bottle after lees ageing.
The final verdict? Continue to enjoy your Rías Baixas Albariño young. However do also seek out the very individual small producers,...working in the region with old and very old vines. Above all, do explore the glorious mature wines. The best Albariño is a keeper, and one of Spain’s great wines. "

A 97 point review of Anada from Lagar de Besada
"This is deliciously complex..." Sarah Jane Evans MW on the 2011 Añada

At the time of publishing, Lagar de Besada, Añada de Baladiña, Val do Salnés, Rías Baixas 2011 is in stock in IL and shipping. Consumers can find it at Kyoten and Kyoten Next Door where Chef Otto exclaimed "This is the best Albariño I've ever had".

a 95 point review of Baladina wine from Lagar de Besada
This has some seriously good fruit, with delicate yet intense flavours. Excellent. - Pierre Mansour on Baladiña

At the time of publishing the 2021 Lagar de Besada, Baladiña, Val do Salnés, Rías Baixas is in stock and shipping from Candid in IL.



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