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Known for centuries by the monks of the Abbaye de Cluny, the vineyards in and around Cruzille were lost to phylloxera and forgotten. Emmanuel Guillot's parents spent a decade in the 1980's restoring these forgotten gems. Today, this 8 hectaire (20 acre!) plot includes Les Geniévrieres, Les Perrières, Beaumont, and La Myotte, and form the heart of Domaine Guillot-Broux in southern Burgundy.

French winemaker standing in a vineyard in Burgundy
Winemaker Emmanuel Guillot of Guillot-Broux

Manu's father worked in Mersault before returning home to Cruzille where his family has grown grapes for generations. Still, he had to work for more than a decade to reestablish vines where the forest had grown since the time of phylloxera. Manu has continued this effort, extending the family's holdings and "rediscovering" lost portions of Burgundy to this day.

the abbaye de cluny in the distance, chardonnay vines in front
The Abbaye de Cluny rises above a Chardonnay vineyard at Guillot-Broux



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